Selected writings available for purchase or download.

The Art of Misdirection


My first novel is now available to buy at Amazon for your Kindle or for the Kindle App.

London, 1944. The nation’s greatest criminal minds are going to war … against each other.

Talented apprentice-thief Hudson and his old mentor, the conjurer-turned-crook Howell, are disturbed during a meticulously planned art theft; a daring heist that has seen them race through the tunnels of the London Underground to raid the secret wartime stores of the British Museum. But after defying his partner to save a man’s life, Hudson is betrayed and left for dead.

Waking in hospital, he finds his bedside attended by a fearsome giant of a Scotland Yard Detective named Burgess, who insists Hudson help catch his old teacher … or face the gallows. Fearing that detective Burgess isn’t quite who he seems Hudson sets out across war-torn London to uncover the truth of his betrayal and bring his old mentor to justice.

Hess, Mr Buckle, and the Book, Dark Tales from the Secret War – Vol.1 

darktalesDark Tales from the Secret War is a collection of Cthulu Mythos stories bringing together World War II and Lovecraftian themes, including obligatory tentacles, ancient evils and secret books!

Including stories by John Houlihan, David J Rodger, Jake Webb, Jonnie Bryant and Martin Korda, this collection is for fans of war fiction with a twist.

Dark Tales is a collection of 13 stories set in Modiphius’ Achtung! Cthulhu universe, a world which mixes the terrors of HP Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos with mankind’s darkest yet finest hour, the second world war.

13 unhallowed stories await within it’s covers, which range from the wilds of the South Pacific, to the dark depths of the Black Forest, to the icy wastes of Norway, and they come from a stellar cast of writers including David J Rodger, Destiny The Taken King and Fable: The Journey writer Martin Korda, Splinter Cell’s Richard Dansky and the strange mind of horror master Patrick Garratt!

Listen to a podcast, including an exclusive reading from Hess, Mr Buckle and the Book, from the Dark Tales panel at Dragonmeet 2014 here.

Talking to Strangers

ttsThe result of a short story competition I ran in association with the now defunct Decode magazine back in 2006, Talking to Strangers is a collection of short stories, one of which, ‘Lucy and the Apple Tree’ is mine. The collection feature an introduction by Toby Litt and is published by Intellect Books.

A homeless man makes a spectacular bid for redemption; a young boy confronts his deepest fears; a mother watches helplessly as her son moves beyond reach; a husband looks for a miracle to save his marriage and a new pet drags its owner into a world of paranoia. From the macabre to the ominous, the comic to the nostalgic, the gritty to the poignant, this diverse collection of short stories by new writers from across the world explores the light and the darkness beneath the facade of so-called ordinary lives.

There are limited signed copies of Talking to Strangers available. Contact me for more info.

Closing Stages, IQ Magazine, 2003

Available for download from all the way back in 2003 is a short story called Closing Stages. That it’s still available for download now is something or a miracle, so grab it while it’s hot! 18583938-Intellect-Books-IQ-Magazine-Winter-2003


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