Writing Update: 2nd Feb 2015

So, February brings with it a renewed energy and a real push to make progress on multiple projects. This includes pushing Novel 1 ‘Misdirection’, out to agents, plus more progress on Novel 2 ‘Forgotten’, which I’m considering self publishing later in the year.

Alongside this I’ve a ghost story bubbling under the surface that needs to find a way out, plus this blog, which I’ve started to use to keep track of progress.

I’m sharing writing goals with a friend at the moment – part of my much endorsed ‘buddy system’ for writers, so I’ll list these goals here and update as the month goes.

  1. I need to write for 10 hours a week. Not as much as I would like, but it should help move things forward.
  2. I intend to get Novel 1 out to 5 agents in February. Lets see what the response is.
  3. I want to edit parts one and two of Novel 2 – this is around 40,000 words.
  4. I want to write and new story to submit to a specific competition.

It’s rather a lot, but while the energy is high I’m going to capitalise on it. Let’s see how we get on throughout February and in the meantime I’ll update with more writing and writer relate content as the month goes on.