The Art of Misdirection – now available to buy at Amazon

I’ve been a little quite of late due to a number of projects I’ve been focusing on, the main one being the final edit and launch of The Art of Misdirection.

3D-Book-TAOMHappy to announce the day is finally here and the novel is now available to buy on Kindle from Amazon, both in the UK and the US.

I’m just beginning to promote the book on twitter and soon on Facebook.

Don’t forget, you can still get a free sample of the book here, or you can download a free sample to read on the free Kindle App.

I’d love you hear what you think.





London’s Forgotten Underground City

Many newer London residents are surprised to hear that just a short journey from the capitalĀ is a labyrinth of tunnels that once acted as an underground city, with thousands of inhabitants, shops, a hospital and even a cinema.

Chislehurst is located around 11 miles south-east of central London in the Borough of Bromley, between Bromley and Sidcup. Visit now and you’ll find a relatively peaceful suburb with a pleasant High Street, a number of bars, cafes and restaurants, and plenty of open spaces and ponds to explore.

If you’d have visited in the winter of 1940, you’d have encountered a very different scene as thousands of Londoners headed south to take shelter from the Blitz in Chislehurst Caves. This network of man-made tunnels, just a short walk from Chislehurst Station, is twenty-two miles long and up to ninety-five feet deep. Continue reading London’s Forgotten Underground City

Britain’s Godfather and the Peaky Blinders

Tom Hardy and Noah Taylor bring new life to season two of Netflix’s Peaky Blinders, playing real life gang-leaders Darby Sabini and Alfie Solomons. But how close to real life are these fine actors portrayals?

In season two of the BBC’s excellent historical crime drama Peaky Blinders, the Shelby family look south, beyond the borders of their Birmingham heartland, in an effort to expand their criminal empire.

Setting their sites on London, Tommy Shelby (played by Cillian Murphy) and his brothers first establish a working relationship with the Jewish gang-leader Alfie Solomons (menacingly played by Tom Hardy), based out of Camden. This alliance brings them into conflict with the dapper and dangerous Italian gang-leader, Darby Sabini (played by Noah Taylor). Continue reading Britain’s Godfather and the Peaky Blinders