Britain’s Godfather and the Peaky Blinders

Tom Hardy and Noah Taylor bring new life to season two of Netflix’s Peaky Blinders, playing real life gang-leaders Darby Sabini and Alfie Solomons. But how close to real life are these fine actors portrayals?

In season two of the BBC’s excellent historical crime drama Peaky Blinders, the Shelby family look south, beyond the borders of their Birmingham heartland, in an effort to expand their criminal empire.

Setting their sites on London, Tommy Shelby (played by Cillian Murphy) and his brothers first establish a working relationship with the Jewish gang-leader Alfie Solomons (menacingly played by Tom Hardy), based out of Camden. This alliance brings them into conflict with the dapper and dangerous Italian gang-leader, Darby Sabini (played by Noah Taylor). Continue reading Britain’s Godfather and the Peaky Blinders